Resmaa Menakem is an international speaker, healer, author, and leadership coach. Resmaa works with people, communities, and organizations around the world – helping them improve their abilities to tap into their individual and communal resilience. Resmaa’s keynotes, workshops, coaching, and individual services have reached thousands of people from hundreds of communities over the years. Resmaa brings a rich background of over 28 years of experience in healing, organizing, executive management, leadership, consulting, and coaching.

"Helping people, comunties and organizations access resilience and heal trauma"

Standard Keynotes and Workshops:
What Our Genes Remember: Inherited Resilience and Inherited Trauma
Science of Silence: Reflexes and Reflections of White Body Supremacy
The Healing Hum: Re-membering, Resistance, Resilience and the Body

All Keynotes and Workshops can be modified for specific audiences

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2019 : Podcasts
Chromatic Elephant
ReRooted w Francesca Maxime
University of Arizona Center for Compassion
NWI: Episode 49
Amiel Handelsman: Episode 99
Weapon of Choice
Not About You
NWI: Episode 36
NWI: Bonus Interview
Life Tips
MPR: Call to Mind
Open Stacks: Episode 34

2018 : Media
Star Tribune: Soul Medic
The Current: Dismembered + Unarmed
National Alliance on Mental Illness: MN

Media Appearances and Other Media (2017):

iHeart Radio
Weapon of Choice Podcast
Thursday, June 15th: Healing Black Men Conference
Thursday, June 29th @ 11:00 am CST: MPR News w/ Tom Weber
Monday, July 17th: Publisher's Weekly Review
Sep 28: Al McFarlane on Race, Media, and His Long Career
Oct 2: WOCA The Source Radio
Oct 7: Interview with George Kilpatrick
Nov 2-3: Healing In Community: Shifting the Burden of Dismantling Systemic Racism
Dec 14: Twin Cities Daily Planet
March 13: The Good, The Bad, The Angry (MPR)