We all need different spaces and ways to talk about white body supremacy. Engaging in a culturally somatic body focused study will help us begin to co-create a culture free from the rabid structural influence of white body supremacy that collectively binds us.


Our society needs to break down systems and institutions that perpetuate the concept of white body supremacy and recognize how the myth of race and historical trauma is deeply ingrained into our culture.

I’ve developed somatic-body approaches that negotiate the common historical and perpetual myths that Black bodies, Native bodies, and other bodies of color are inherently deviant and that the white body is the standard of humanness.

I help others build community-oriented understandings of racialized trauma so that we can move from our racialized lens to a cultural lens – and move further to a resourced energy lens of healing.

I help others build a narrative experience that acknowledges how historical, inter-generational, persistent institutional and personal inequities impact us and how that can lead to Decontextualized Internalized White Body Supremacy Trauma carried in the body.  

I’ve translated this narrative into practices that are accessible to many different types of regular people. I want regular people to use these tools to recognize body trauma born out of racism and white body supremacy in their own body, their community and to start to heal.  I want to help people understand how these experiences play out in their daily lives and develop accessible practices that help free them.

I train individuals, communities and organizations on how to recognize trauma in the body, how to a cultural container to heal, how to begin practicing resourced resilience and how to operationalize these practices in organizations and larger systems.  

Join me to somatically abolish White Body Supremacy in the next 9 generations.