We can’t help ourselves even begin to heal Racialized Trauma if we don’t acknowledge that it even exists.

So how can we heal what we can’t acknowledge?

Resmaa Menakem, MSW, LICSW, SEP is at the cutting edge of developing practices and strategies for working with individual and communal racialized trauma.

Learn the basics of Racialized Trauma and what you can do about it for yourself and your communities.

  • Why does Racialized Trauma persist?

  • The VIMBAS and HIPP Methods: Practices to Help you and your community understand Racialized Trauma in Bodies

  • Awareness of the body and history can help you notice what you and community members have had some sense of but couldn’t hold or articulate

  • Several cultural somatic practices to help identify vibes and Sensations

  • Develop a somatic sense of Resource and Resilience that promotes healing Racialized Trauma