About Resmaa

Healer, Author, Trauma Specialist

Moving from race to culture is important, transformative, and takes work. A lot of work. I help people, communities, and organizations find strength in healing that is holistic and resilient. Together let’s set a course for healing historical and racialized trauma carried in the body and the soul. I am a healer. I help people rise through the suffering’s edge. I am a cultural trauma navigator. I am a communal provocateur and coach. I consider it my job in this moment to make the invisible visible.


I have been to that suffering edge. That is where I found what I was made of. That I am more. That I must build up others and myself. Small consistent challenges to comfort is how I grew – and how you can grow too.

My Father struggled with his own trauma and the ravages of his somatic management tool drug-addiction. My mother worked tirelessly to support our family. As difficult as this is to say even now, this experience helped me develop a particular trauma lens early in life and shaped my understanding of addiction and poverty. I was bussed to a school with mostly white students where I experienced direct racial violence and oppression.

Coming from a primarily Black, Puerto Rican and poor White neighborhood in Milwaukee prepped me to meet people where they are at and reach for what solid and true in people. Reaching for what solid involves helping people to recognize that pain and suffering is part of the capacity and stamina building process. We don’t usually get the choice between clean pain and no pain especially as it relates to moving from race to culture and racialized trauma. Usually we get to choose between clean pain, capacity development and discomfort and dirty pain which can for a time get us around growth and suffering.

I have lived trauma. I have even contemplated suicide. And I have come out the other side. I know you can too. Creating community and a somatically attuned life helped me achieve positivity while challenging my own limitations around race and trauma.

Over many years, I have translated my experiences, practice, research, inspiration and coalition building into a communal creation of which I am most proud. I published “My Grandmothers Hands” in 2017. This book inspired a collaboration with local musicians to produce the album, “Dismembered and Unarmed” and a multi artist visual arts exhibit with local artists “The Reckoning.” These efforts directly address the many dimensions associated with how the body caries trauma.

This work is a culmination the many facets of my professional and personal journey over the years to form a somatic therapy practice around “white body supremacy trauma.”

White-body supremacy trauma” is a trauma that we all – including white identified individuals, communities and systems – integrate into our bodies and structures. We need to address this trauma directly in our bodies - not just in our minds.

I want to inspire my community and humanity to acknowledge their “white-body supremacy trauma” and find pathways to heal. I want to help you metabolize the decontextualized internalized “white body supremacy” energy to create fuel for freedom.